My Story

I began struggled with lust, masturbation, fantasy in Jr. High.  I felt really guilty about it and a lot of shame.  I really didn’t understand what was going on, I just knew I didn’t feel right about it. 

I tried to stop these behaviors several times.  I thought if I was more spiritual I would get better.  I thought if I told my ministers that would help.  I eventually thought that when I got married, it would go away.  Nothing seemed to stick.

I got married and continued to struggle with my old habits.  The Internet brought new fuel to the fire that already existed in me.  I had a lot of trouble on my home computer, and eventually my work computer. 

I was a minister by then, pastoring and helping others, but struggling on the inside.  Eventually, I got found out at work and lost my job. 

My wife and I had to leave the area because of my porn habit.  We had a lot of hard discussions at that point.  I had been living another secret lifestyle that was now in the open.  We had a major crisis on our hands and it was either going to get much worse, or we were going to have to do the hard work to get better.

We moved to a new state and started working hard on what became “our problem”.  We had some great counselors, support groups, friends, and church to help us through this crisis in our marriage. 

As part of our recovery, my Marsha and I wanted to begin to share our story.  We created and The Porn to Purity Blog.  We are still in the middle of recovery, but we’ve learned so many good things, we wanted to begin to share them.  We consider our website, blog and podcasts a “work in progress”.  We want people to see us as broken people that God has been helping, not as “know-it-all” people. 

The reality is that we have had a lot of victories, but we still have struggles.  We have gotten past a lot of major humps, but we are still paying for counseling. 

But I believe that you and I can achieve sexual purity as God has intended it.  We can stop the behaviors, pour into healthy things, and have our insides transformed by God.  Believe it’s possible and go for it!


You can hear our story on episodes 2, 3 & 4 of  PorntoPurity Podcast.  Here’s the link:  (not yet)

You can also hear me share some of my story and why I thought the 104 Podcast was important to get out there.  Here’s the link to show 000 “Jeff’s Story and the 104 podcast”. 


The best ways to contact me are to leave a comment on the shownotes, or email me at

Stay strong, my friends!  Go for purity!

Jeff Fisher

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