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I wanted to make it a little easier for you to find the notes for my shows and the direct download link.  Shows are in groups of 10.  Bonus episodes are included. 

Thanks for being a listener!

Jeff Fisher
Raleigh, NC




EPISODE               SHOW & SHOWNOTES LINK                                       MP3 DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK

000         My Recovery Story                                                                                           MP3

001         Identify the Triggers in Your Life                                                                MP3

002         Identify Your Emotions – Use HALTS                                                       MP3

003         Set Up Roadblocks Around Yourself                                                          MP3

004         Write Stuff Down                                                                                                 MP3

005         Why Doesn’t God Just Take My Junk Away, Pt. 1                                 MP3

006         Why Doesn’t God Just Take My Junk Away, Pt. 2                                 MP3

007         Do a Seriousness Check                                                                                   MP3

008         Avoid Flirty Girls                                                                                               MP3

009         Going to a Counselor For the First Time                                                  MP3

010         Getting Through Withdrawals                                                                       MP3

BONUS 1              Keys to Getting Through the First 2 Years                                MP3

011         Going to a Sexual Support Group for the First Time                             MP3

012         The Smaller Things Need to Become the Larger Things                      MP3

013         How to Work on Your Fantasy Life, Pt. 1                                                  MP3

014         How to Work on Your Fantasy Life, Pt. 2                                                  MP3

015         Learning to Stop Sexualizing Relationships                                             MP3

016         How to Deal With Fetishes                                                                               MP3

017         How to Talk to Your Spouse About Your Sexual Addiction, Pt. 1   MP3

018         How to Talk to Your Spouse About Your Sexual Addiction, Pt. 2   MP3

019         How Do You Know You Have an Addiction                                              MP3

020         The Undercurrent                                                                                               MP3

021         The Four Jobs of an Accountability Partner                                            MP3

022         Six Essentials For Someone New to Recovery                                         MP3

023         Finding Healing From Your Anger                                                               MP3

024         Sexual Addiction Recovery Terms You Gotta Know, Pt.1                  MP3

025         Sexual Addiction Recovery Terms You Gotta Know, Pt.2                 MP3

026         You Gotta Have Other Dudes in Your Life                                                 MP3

027         Work on Telling Your Story                                                                             MP3

028         Don’t Be Anonymous                                                                                          MP3

029         Thoughts on Masturbation, Pt.1                                                                    MP3

030         Thoughts on Masturbation, Pt.2                                                                   MP3

BONUS 2              How to Stop Masturbating                                                                 MP3

031         My World Just Fell Apart, Now What?                                                         MP3

032         Listen – It’s Critical to Your Sexual Purity                                                MP3

033         Kick Lust Out of the Driver’s Seat                                                                   MP3

034         Identify Your Sexual Rituals                                                                            MP3

035         Six Essentials For Good Accountability                                                      MP3

036         Why is the Forbidden So Tempting?                                                             MP3

037         Emotions We Have to Deal With in Sexual Recovery                            MP3

038         You Don’t Have to be a Sissy to Share Your Feelings                            MP3

039         Why Do We Continue to Struggle With Certain Sins?                             MP3

040         You’ve Got to Put Filters on Your Computer                                           MP3

041         Build a Good Defense                                                                                           MP3

042         Build a Good Offense                                                                                            MP3

043         Read Recovery Material                                                                                     MP3

044         The Importance of Structure                                                                           MP3

045         Deal With Your Daddy Issues                                                                           MP3

046         Don’t Minimize Your Sins                                                                                  MP3

047         We Come Clean – Our Wives Fall Apart                                                       MP3

048         Make God Large in Your Life                                                                           MP3

049         Get the Right Motivation For Recovery                                                      MP3

050         How to Deal With “Edgy” Days                                                                        MP3

BONUS 3   Bad Ways Churches Respond to Someone Fallen Into Sin               MP3

051         The Five Stages of Sexual Recovery – Where Are You?                        MP3

052         Sexual Recovery For the Married – Get to the Next Layer                 MP3

053         Not All Ministers Understand Sexual Addiction Recovery                 MP3

054         Four Core Beliefs of Sex Addicts                                                                     MP3
                #1:  I’m Basically a Bad, Unworthy Person

055         Four Core Beliefs of Sex Addicts                                                                     MP3
                #2:  No One Would Love Me As I Am

056         Four Core Beliefs of Sex Addicts                                                                     MP3
                #3:  My Needs Are Never Going to Be Met If I Have to Depend on Others

057         Four Core Beliefs of Sex Addicts                                                                     MP3
                #4:  Sex is My Greatest Need

058         How to Deal With Slips                                                                                         MP3

059         How to Deal With Relapses                                                                                 MP3

060         Two Extreme Philosophies of Sexual Addiction Recovery                  MP3

061         Brokenness is Essential to Recovery                                                             MP3

062         Confession is Essential to Recovery                                                              MP3

063         Repentance is Essential to Recovery                                                            MP3

064         Surrender is Essential to Recovery                                                               MP3

BONUS 4              Rebuilding Trust in Your Marriage                                                 MP3

065         Identify and Stop Your Sexual Rituals                                                         MP3

066         White Knuckling It                                                                                                MP3

067         Six Stages of Grief and the Sexual Addict                                                    MP3

068         Keep Looking For the “Broken World” People                                          MP3

069         The Bottom is Not Really the Bottom                                                           MP3

070         You Need to Explore Your Wounds                                                             MP3

071         How to Go to the Painful Places and Find Healing                                   MP3


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