What is the 104?

The 104 Podcast shares tips for sexual purity.  These are the best tips I’ve learned as I have gone through my own sexual addiction recovery.   Most of the tips are inspired from talks with counselors, support groups, fellow recoverees, accountability partners, pastors, and my wife. 

I am not an expert or licensed counselor.  Just a guy in the middle of recovery who’s learning a lot and wants to share it with others. 

I put out 2 shows a week (starting in September). 

(2 shows/week) x (52 weeks) = 104

The 104 can be found on I-Tunes by clicking here. (link soon to come)

Too many podcasts and books are long and wordy.  I need a resource that is in bite-sized pieces.   That’s what the 104 is!  Tips for leading a sexual pure life is short pops.  Each show is under 10 minutes.  Easy to download.  Easy to digest.  Easy to work on throughout the week. 

I also have guys in mind when I’m doing my shows.  The stuff applies to women as well.  But I’m thinking about that guy out there that has struggled like me, and is trying to find ways to work on his junk. 

The best ways to contact me is by leaving a comment on the shownotes, or by emailing me at 104podcast@gmail.com
Stay strong, my friends!  Go for purity!


Jeff Fisher

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